As part of Citcom’s complete range of offerings is our total outsourcing service.This is an ideal solution for those businesses who want to have their IT systems and staff supported without the huge expense of a dedicated Computer Department.

Citcom can provide an outsourcing solution at a fixed monthly cost for all of your business IT support needs and your business benefits by being able to concentrate on what you are actually in business for rather than having to maintain your systems. Whether your business needs engineering support full time on site, remote management and maintenance of servers and PCs, or general help desk user support, Citcom will put a team together specifically for your needs. This team will act as a business partner and will get to fully understand your company and any specific requirements.

Once they have done this a plan will be produced in association with you to take responsibility for the complete support so you can concentrate on your business. The plan will be designed so as to manage all aspects of your systems from immediate call responses, user support, management of servers, monitoring of issues, identifying upgrade requirements and business continuity planning.

As your business grows, the Citcom outsourcing team will be working with you to ensure that the systems in place can meet your needs. To ensure this happens, regular meetings are held to not only identify any current issues but to review your business plans.

Outsourcing relieves the larger businesses of the cost of the constant need to train IT staff with up to date technologies, annual leave and sick leave issues, employment problems etc. all at a fixed monthly cost.

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Contact Citcom about Total Site Support and we will provide a FREE 4 hour on site audit of your systems with NO OBLIGATION.

The audit will check your main server(s) for performance, security, backups, viruses and errors. We will also discuss your current user issues and business growth plans with you. Following the checks we will provide a report outlining any areas of concern and make recommendations.  

(This offer is only available within the Greater Auckland Area and conditions apply)

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