Citcom provide a full Call Centre and Help Desk Service for the purpose of providing fast and efficient fault resolution. Whether via telephone support or remote access you have a full engineering team at your call.

This is an ideal solution for those businesses who want to have their IT systems and all staff supported without the huge expense of a dedicated Help Desk or Call Centre.

With our custom developed call logging and tracking system we can monitor all service requests from the time a user calls with an issue right through to its resolution. Reports can be generated from our system at any time to our clients and often can highlight areas to a business where users may need training or systems need to be upgraded. A useful tool in the fast growing I.T. arena to help your business stay ahead.

All Citcom Help Desk staff have a wide range of experience in Microsoft Server Operating systems, Microsoft Applications, plus additional expertise in ADSL routers, backup software, Antivirus software and a number of other standard applications.

If permission is provided, our Help Desk can also remotely connect to any server or user to further enhance our support. By doing this we can not only attempt a much faster resolution, but also reduce your costs by not involving any travel component to engineering support.

Should any issue not be able to be resolved via the Help Desk all calls can be escalated to meet your needs. These calls can be escalated to our on site engineering team, to your own dedicated professional, or to the original supplier. Whatever escalation process you want we will put in to our system and follow accordingly.

Pricing for this service can be tailored to meet your needs and budget. We can either average the number of calls monthly and provide a fixed monthly cost, or alternatively use a “per call” basis and you only pay a set rate per 15 minutes. Either way you will find this service the most economical solution for providing full user computer support.