Citcom have developed a pro-active approach to providing server support by daily monitoring of your systems.

Due to the ever-increasing threats to your network security from Virus, Spam, Spyware and Hack attempts, we feel it in-sufficient to check your site only once or twice a month to carry out the necessary security checks to ensure complete protection.

We also consider that such on site visits (unless performed daily) are not proactive enough to check for such incidents as backups being un-successful, disk space running out on the server/s or any other abnormalities that could point towards an upcoming major issue.

Businesses have often found that a few days following a maintenance check, backups may stop, viruses may attack which would likely not be picked up until the following maintenance visit risking the overall efficiency of your network and systems during the period between visits.

By monitoring servers on a daily basis we can reduce any risks or threats as well as identify possible issues arising before they turn in to serious problems.

Therefore Citcom have broken our support services into the following categories:

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Citcom will set up your Server/s for remote access via our engineering support team as well as Server alert monitoring. On a daily basis the engineering team will check all alerts and ensure that the major server services are functioning as they should. Alert monitoring is performed during normal business trading days and business hours and includes the following:

  • Disk space
  • Overnight Backups
  • Event Logs
  • Anti-virus, SPAM issues
  • Exchnage email issues
  • Critical updates

The major advantage is that we would know each day the status of your server, and if any issues were identified we would advise you immediately and inform you of how the issue needs to be dealt with. For non-serious alerts, these would be dealt with as and when appropriate. This is the best way we can be virtually ‘on-site’ almost every day monitoring your systems without the obvious expense.

If any of the alerts cannot be resolved remotely, this will be discussed with you and an on-site visit would be booked via the Service desk. It is our intention to resolve the majority (if not all) issues remotely thus costing you less (no travel charges) and without the need to wait for an engineer to attend your site.